MIKE J Hammer

CEO / Head Designer

My name is Mike, and I am the CEO and founder of HAMMER DESIGN LAB. I personally direct all of our projects. While many web development companies build ordinary sites, I design solid, original, trustworthy, professional, and vibrant sites that yield solid, original, trustworthy, professional, and vibrant brands.

Every business is unique, offering many different services, with specific focus areas and  specialties. To present you and your business the right way, a website must be unique as well. We design every individual website using our professional design strategy. All of our individual projects are unique and original, perfectly tailored to suit you and your business.

MIKE J Hammer


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The HAMMER DESIGN LAB is a unique team of creative, passionate, and young individuals with professional design skills and maximum efficiencies. We provide something that not many other companies are able to provide at unbeatable prices. We build your site + we design your brand image! All elements are carefully planned with our professional design strategy and built using analyzed, up-to-date data. Slapping on a bunch of images and text without a professional design strategy will result in those awful, outdated sites with yellow and red text. We design something that you will be proud to show potential customers — something that will catch customers and clients’ attention instantly.



We are a team with maximum efficiencies. Efficient workflow is one of the most important parts of our business model. Instead of cutting corners to bring down our costs, we improve our workflow to offer our unbeatable prices to all of our clients. We never stop improving our efficient workflow and test out many different approaches to our design strategy, concept-development process, site-building process, and communication strategy to speed up our workflow.



We can process more projects in less time without hassles. This allows us to offer our unbeatable prices to all of our clients. Our unbeatable prices open many doors for small-business owners. There is no need for you to invest large chunks of cash to design a site. The development cost of a single site is usually anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, with us, there is no risk. With our 15-day free trial, you can request your “Free Preview Website.” You can decide after reviewing what we have designed for you. What can be better than a Risk-Free Unbeatable Price?

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