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How It Works?

Step 1. Start!

Start Your Free Trial: Try out our 15-day free trial today! It allows you to request your free preview website. We are extremely confident that you will love what we design for you. All you need to do is create an account and type in your credit card information. We will not charge anything during this 15-day free-trial period. Once you have created your account, you will see a ‘free preview website request form’ link.


Step 2. Grab!

Grab Your Free Preview Website: Once you fill out your ‘free preview website request form’ and send it to us, we will start working on your brand new, stunning website that will help you surge ahead of your competitors. This process usually takes roughly seven business days. It can vary, depending on the workload of our team. Please fill it out with as much detail as possible so that we know exactly what you need.


Step 3. Decision Time!

Review Your Free Preview: Once your free preview website is completed, we will deliver it to you — hot and fresh. Now it is time for you to decide. If it suits your taste, go for it. If you have decided, all you need to do is let us know. Now you have officially joined us, and we can really begin your project. If not, oh well — no strings attached. Come back to us anytime!


Step 4. Together!

Work Together to Finalize Design: Once you have officially joined us, we will work together. You and HAMMER DESIGN LAB. Your Preview Website becomes the foundation of your Premium Website. We will adjust the elements, fine-tune it, and turn it into a smooth-running Premium Website that will help you leave your competitors in the dust.


Our Monthly Services

Service #1

Always Attractive & Fresh

Just like a person, a website must look fresh to attract  customers and clients. Give it a new look often — just like you would wear a different set  of clothing every day. Vibrant sites attract more customers and clients. We keep your site vibrant for you.


Service #2

Back Up! Back Up!

Just like any other data, all hell breaks loose if your site crashes. You will lose everything, but you do not have to worry. We store backed-up data from your site — just in case anything happens to it – and we will restore it for free if something happens.


Service #3

We Stand Guard

Bad things can happen if your site becomes compromised by hackers, viruses, and other cyber threats. We monitor your site and server to ensure nothing looks suspicious. This is especially important for brands and corporations.


Service #4

Check Your Oil, Check Your Brakes

Our maintenance services is quite old-school. We ensure everything is functioning correctly, on all individual sites, by visiting them just like customers would and check on them from the customers’ perspective.


Service #5

Mobile Connectivity

It’s 2017, so everyone has multiple devices, including smartphones and tablet PCs. If your site does not look good on mobile devices, it is a bad, bad thing. More than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Since there are so many mobile devices, design elements might have a hard time adapting to different screen sizes. We ensure that all of our sites can be viewed properly from multiple devices.


Service #6

Speed Is Everything

We are no longer stuck in the ‘90s. Things are moving and changing faster than ever. If your site takes forever to load, you’ve got a big problem. No one will wait for your site to load anymore. Instead, they will head over to your competitors’ sites. This is no good. We monitor your site’s overall load speed and keep it  fast by removing all unnecessary graphics and shrinking all files.


Service #7

Premium Hosting Service

We provide premium hosting services for all of our clients. GoDaddy and Bluehost’s ‘limited’ hosting services have limits. What we provide is premium hosting services using highly customizable servers.


Absolutely Risk-Free Solution - Starting From $59 / Month

Web design service is provided with a flat rate by joining one of our monthly plans